Seed To Bloom

Seed to Bloom is a collection of poems, reflections, paintings, and questions about life. Enjoy the poems, use it as a self-help book, consider it for reflecting for life, relish it for all of these, or just enjoy the art…you could do much with this work.

In the words of Sai Kumar Chandran:

Each of the 51 poems, have emerged through experiences, mine and of those I have known. They talk about frailties, yet about hope. They talk about finding faith, compassion, grace and more… They emerge from the quest of finding our own power.

Come join me, and let’s talk about Life… because Seed to Bloom is about life; It is about emerging through the belly of life’s experiences by facing the darkness of our limitations, staying resilient in the face of adversities, and rising to embrace our full potential.

In that belly of life, some of us are struggling with questions like: ‘Why me?’, ‘How long?’, ‘How much more?’, ‘Why again’ and ‘Oh! God, where are you?’, or ‘Someone, please help!’. In that belly of life, some of us seeking to understand about Karma, Soul, Willpower, Love, etc. Yet others are rejoicing through achievement, wonder, growth, comforts and so much more.

Most of us are going through these cycles, continuously. For some of us, the cycles are short, so it does not bother us. For some of us, the cycles can be failure after a long span of good going, making it difficult to handle the changed reality. And then there are those for whom change, success or positivity is evasive for too long, making it difficult for them to deal with life anymore.

Even with all this happening, the Laws of Nature prevail. Imbalance and change, gives in to small periods of quiet; only to give way to change again. Thus, in the belly of life, are also angels, friends, synchronicities, gifts and more, which do tip the balance in our favour. And Life once more moves forward. Sometimes comfortingly, and sometimes painfully and effortfully.

Hence, from that belly of life emerges a few wounds, a few scars, a little resolve and a bit of resilience. Some of us also see one or more births of new versions of us. The story of our life gets written like this, one page at a time. Some stories have an end and no closures. And yet some have closures that help us evolve and even transform.

What makes these endings of life stories so different, one may ask? As my response, I share through this collection of poems my exploration of this question and experience of the answer, that emerged through my own twists and turns of life.

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