Penning It

Over decades, many such seeds of thought have gone on becoming books, that Mankind has stood much to gain from. Be it as catalysts of change or cosy companions books have had an irrefutable impact on our lives and will continue to do so. 

Yet, in this journey from the hands of a writer to those of a reader, a book changes many hands. Unseen. Unknown. We at Penning It believe that, just as it takes a village to raise a child it takes a troupe of (dedicated) professionals to birth a book.

So if you have that spark of creativity, we have the means to make it a success because as an integrated publishing house we strive to bring together, authors, designers, editors, printers, (and even bookstores) under our umbrella; in the world of books, everyone is important.

At Penning It, we believe that if a book is seeking its way to reach an audience, then, the audience too is looking for the right book to hear/read from.

WE unapologetically, strive to be the premium player by working with the best team, to get the best results, to realize the goal of a well-published book.

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